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So, let me guess. You’re here because you’ve spent days, weeks and maybe even months tweaking your resume, applying for job openings, crossing your fingers, and just hoping an employer will call you. But your phone never rings.

Maybe I can help. The Free Stuff listed in the navigation menu above will give you some simple but powerful insider information—hiring trends to watch, mistakes to avoid, and little action plans that get results.

If you need a job-search plan that works, take a look at The Job Hunting Handbook. It’s super affordable, you can read it in an hour or so, and it’s helped thousands of career professionals put millions of people to work.

Best wishes— Harry
Harry BW PixHarry Dahlstrom, a short bio—

  • The author of The Job Hunting Handbook and Surviving A Layoff
  • Over 13 million copies sold
  • Articles have appeared in Forbes.com, Bloomberg.com, CNBC, Morningstar and others
  • Worked as a recruiter, journalist, author
  • Honors graduate Harvard University and a Navy Vietnam veteran
  • Lives in Massachusetts with his wife and best friend, Gail
  • Member NAWDP, SHRM