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U.S. economy added 156,000 jobs in August, 2017.
This SnapShot is updated monthly. Prints on four pages.


153 million people went to work today.
Where did they go and what do they do?


Starting salaries hit an all-time high for college graduates.

Starting Salary.indd

Some people do the craziest things during a job interview.

Crazy Interviews.indd

At the end of your job interview, offer a 30-day trial period.

30 Day Tryout.indd

“Why does it take so long for an employer to hire someone?”

Time to Hire.indd

One out of five new hires is a bad hire.

Bad Hires.indd

How to pay for the holidays when you don’t have a job.

Pay For Holidays.indd

How to get a good job when no one seems to be hiring.


Job networking, a beginner’s guide.


Top 10 body language mistakes to avoid during a job interview.


Don’t exaggerate on your resume. You don’t need to.

Don't Exaggerate

Job Skills for 150 Top U.S. Occupations. Prints on three pages. Each page prints on 11 x 17 inch paper.Job Skills Posters

Two big reasons why you should dress professionally for a job interview.


13 major job-interviewing errors.

13 Interview Errors

“Sorry. We offered the job to someone else.”


“Where are the jobs? Is anyone hiring out there?”

Where are the jobs?

“Why should I hire you? What makes you different?”

Why hire you

Three things every hiring manager wants to know about you.

Three things

Job hunters—don’t answer your phone.

Phone Call

“Is my resume a dud?”

Resume Dud

12 lethal interview mistakes.

12 Lethal

How to survive a layoff.

Survive a layoff

Nervous about that upcoming job interview?


Can’t find a job? Try some horizontal job hunting.


“What if my boss won’t give me a good recommendation?”



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